Canon Customer Support

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Canon support printers are mostly and widely used computers for personal use as compare to commercial use. Here is some of the troubleshooting related to Canon customer support which is regularly faced by our customers: 

1.    To install a Canon printer in Mac Classic
As all Mac OS computers have printer drivers installed on them but Most Mac Classic doesn’t do that. For installing a Canon support printer on Mac Classic that printer must be compatible with Mac OS 9 or lower version and have an install CD in that. You need to follow given below instructions to install it: 

1.    First of all, put the Canon printer install CD into your Mac and to install the printer drivers on your Mac you need to do as follow: 
        Click on the “Install.pkg”. 
       After that click “Continue” and then “Install”. 

2.    Then plug your Canon support printer into an outlet. Then connect it to the USB port. Turn on The printer. 
3.     After that eject the disk from your Mac. 
4.    Open the “Chooser” in the Apple menu. 
5.    Select the Canon printer icon from the desired list. Click>Select a port. 
6.    Click>Close. Then a new window will open up asking you to set up the printer. 
7.    After that following the directions on your screen align your Canon printer. 
8.    When it is finished, Click>Close. 

2.    To install Canon Printers without disks 
Canon support  provides software drivers for canon printers which allow users to install the software without disks. Following are the steps to install Canon Printers without disks: 
1.    Go to the Canon official website in your system’s Internet browser. 
2.    Click>Support>Driver /Downloads tab along the left side of Canon official homepage. 
3.    Select your region and sub region on the interactive map that appears right side of the tab options. 
4.    Select your product type and to start the search for your Canon product type, click>”Printer & Multifunction”. Click on the product series that is related to Canon printer. 
5.    Go through the Canon’s printer product and Overview page to the Drivers and Download section of the page. 
6.    Click>Select your Operating System drop down bar. 
7.     Select the name of your Operating system. 
8.    Click on the red arrow to retrieve the software driver for your computer. 
9.    Click on the .exe link that exists under the firmware files that you will see in the list of Canon “Software & Drivers” section. 
10. From the File download box run the Canon printer driver’s .exe file. 
11. Once the driver is processed, Click >Open that will open the canon Installation Wizard. 
12. Follow the instructions and complete the installation process. 

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