Dell support FAQ’S for it professionals

Here I am going to describe windows 10 enterprise FAQ’s for it professional. Here is also the description of the common problem of window 10 with their solutions is given below.
Where you can download window 10 enterprise and what are the systems requirements? 
If you have software assurance with window volume licenses, or if you have purchased the license for window 10 enterprises, then you can download 64 or 32-bit versions of windows 10 enterprises from the sound licensing service center. If you don’t have current software assurance for windows then purchase windows volume licenses for window 10 enterprises. Requirement for windows 10 enterprises system is  
Ram: 1GB or 2GB 
Processor: 1GHz or Soc  
Hard disk space: 16GB or 20GB  
Graphics card: directX9  
Display: 800x600 

Hardware requirements for windows 10 
Window 8.1 is almost same as with window 10 but you need to install updated driver of the window 10 so that your device will properly work. For more about window requirement, you can visit or see window 10 specifications. 

Is it possible to evaluate window 10 enterprise? 
Through tech evaluation center, a 90 days evaluation of window 10 enterprise is available. The evaluation is available in Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese.  

David Landers