Comparison between Norton and Quick Heal Internet Security

The internet is a wonderful tool for day to day requirements of people. But it is also a bane as well as a boon. The internet is totally full with spammers, hackers, malicious software programs and theft thieves. It's very much needed to keep our computer secure, safe, confidential all the times by installing some software like Norton internet security or quick heal total protection. Both are easily available in the market. Their many products are available in the market, but it becomes very confusing for users to opt the suitable program for protecting their computer systems. 

This article will compare between Norton and quick heal. Well, I must say Norton internet security is the best product for all. It protects from online activities to the folders and files on your computer device and then quick heal total protection would make a well choice. If you are concerned with price factor, quick heal total protection is best.  But the common thing between them is that both are suitable for devices with windows Operating system or operating systems. if you want more information about this then in this condition you can visit us on the Norton customer support number .  
Norton antivirus- 

Norton internet security is a notch higher because it is the leading security programs among all in the industry and acquires a good reputation. Norton security has a lack of two features which are personalized antivirus scans and one click scanning which is also present in quick heal total protection. Quickheal has its drawbacks when it is compared with Norton as it does not have automatic updates and provides boot time scan ad offers latter. 

The protection program offers the quality of tech support which plays an important role in making the purchase decision. Quick hill offers email support, phone support and a faqs options, it does not contain the extra edge which is offered by Norton internet security. Certification from AV comparatives is absent in Norton security but is present in the quick heal total protection. 

Quick heal total protection- 

It is capable in the protection of the computer against worms, viruses, Trojans, spyware, and transactions via online related to shopping and banking and railways. It also guards against spam mails, prevents data from theft and provides the protection against the new and unknown malicious software such as viruses. It was produced by Symantec which is capable of protection of user’s online activities and identity also. It is considered as an award winning a product that allows users to use the internet very confidently and securely without being worried about spyware, phishing, hacking and well also viruses. it is a fully automated solution that does its functions without slowing down the system. 

If you have more queries related to Norton antivirus, you can go through with the site for further support